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Acute Urinary Retention in the Emergency Department From the January 2014 issue of Emergency Medicine Practice, “An Evidence-Based Approach To The Emergency Department Management of Acute Urinary Ret
Pediatric Herpes Simplex Virus Infections From the January 2014 issue of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice, “Pediatric Herpes Simplex Virus Infections: An Evidence-Based Approach To Treatment.”
Unconventional Embolisms Case. A 26-year-old female presents to your ED with four days of fever, shortness of breath (SOB), cough, and substernal chest pain.  In two previous visits over the same tim
Board Review Questions: February 2015 Provided by PEER VIII. PEER (Physician's Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine) is ACEP's gold standard in self-assessment and educational revi
Lesions THE CASES Case 1. The Patient A 15-year-old female presents to the ED for the fourth time in three weeks because of low-grade fever, malaise, and chest pain. Over the past day she developed a
Wilderness Medicine Races “On your mark, get set, go!” My five teammates and I charge up the snow-blanketed hill, venturing into the dense timber of the state park. Armed with our essential survival
Subspecialty Training in Clinical Informatics Clinical informatics is a new medical subspecialty that focuses on medical data, clinical processes, and computational systems applied to the practice of
Sounding the Bowel Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Small-Bowel Obstruction Case 1. A 72-year-old male with no past medical history presents to the ED with two days of vomiting and severe abdominal
Energizing through Art Acrylic paints and black ink pen on regular photocopy paper. I paint directly on the actual photocopies, so all the original EKG lines are preserved. As emergency physicians, e
Cost-Effective Equality & Residency The reason certain residencies have a robust global health or research program and others have mediocre ones is not that the opportunities don't exist — it's the d